Legalization of marajuana essay

The endocannabinoid system is essential to life and it relates messages that affect how we relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect" "The Endocannabinoid System" Any substance that alters consciousness always draws suspicion and criticism.

Neither the Eighteenth Amendment nor the laws that implemented it primarily the Volstead Act made the consumption of alcohol illegal, and for most of our nation's history that was true for narcotics as well. Anslinger was the first head of the Bureau of Narcotics, created by Congress in as a division of the Treasury Department.

According to official estimates, overpeople were arrested for marijuana offenses and this is only on the area of the United States. Woodward, chief counsel to the American Medical Association, testified against the legislation, stating that the association knew of "no evidence" to support the conclusion that marijuana was a dangerous drug "Statement Of Dr.

The whole thing seethes with indignation and makes me want to hug the drug czar and tell him everything will be okay.

Legalization of marijuana

The source states polls and statistics of the controversial issue. My research was enjoyable because I love reading on a topic that I fully support and agree with.

Never in my life have I heard of a problem caused by marijuana and that is because it has never happened. The four sources I found are very persuading and contain strong points.

Legalization of Marijuana Essay

Indeed, this is what was going on in California — its marijuana use actually rose slightly less than the national average. Although rather backhanded, this was another legislative recognition that marijuana should be treated differently from other Schedule I drugs.

Washington will follow later this year, and other states will be placing measures on their ballots to do the same.

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Cable News Network, 07 Nov. The first and the foremost reason to make use of Marijuana legal is that no good reason exist that can provide support for not making use of the drug legal. Anslinger director of U. Authority was increasingly questioned; Watergate and the war in Vietnam had disabused much of the American public of the belief that government could always be trusted to tell the truth.

The wiggle room in my ignorance and assumptions is more than large enough to cover the small gap between the two policies in the results. It seemed likely that the push for full legalization would come from among these three Western states, and indeed by all three saw legalization initiatives on the ballot, although only Washington along with Colorado approved such a measure.

Legalization of Marijuana Paper

This makes the costs for enforcement taxes extremely high, something that would be avoided if marijuana were to become legal. This is the highest it has ever been.

Even though over-consumption can lead to some problems, there is not a single account of death from marijuana overdose. Etymologists believe that the words "hemp" and "cannabis" are derived from a single Indo-European root that first entered the western world as the Greek kannabis, probably borrowed from the Scythian civilization from the steppes of Central Asia, where hemp itself may have first been used by humans.

It was simply assumed that cannabis was addictive and would have engendered the same evil effects as opium and cocaine. Marijuana dependence is existing, but is a real breeze when compared to prescription pills, alcohol overuse, caffeine and even sugar.

The Marijuana Tax Act of imposed a tax on marijuana growers, distributors, sellers, and buyers the Harrison Tax Act of had not covered marijuana.

Secondly, the legalization of Marijuana can help the government save a large amount of money. You take away the federal law that states marijuana is illegal and you have less crime. Lest you think I am being unfair, note that this is well below the percent increase predicted by the survey that asked 18 year olds if they would start using marijuana if it were legal.

The second foreign country involved is Portugal, which was maybe more of a decriminalization than a legalization case but which is forever linked with the idea of lax drug regimes in the minds of most Americans.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board, which had recently been rendered somewhat idle by the initiative measure that took state government out of the business of selling packaged hard liquor to consumers, became responsible for formulating policies and procedures to implement the new marijuana law.

In order to make the controversy clear, the opposite arguments are also presented. As more and more people experimented with marijuana and survived seemingly unscathed, many scientists, educators, and politicians began questioning the severity, even the very existence, of the laws against marijuana.

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Click the icon for more info. Many legal things are a much more common cause of death than marijuana. It is actually estimated that 38, people died from drug overdose inout of which 60% were related to prescribed drugs. In the same year, 25, people died of alcohol related causes.

Jun 09,  · One of the biggest positive impacts that the legalization of marijuana would produce is the reintegration of hemp into our society, and more importantly in current times, our economy.

Marijuana Legalization Essays and Term Papers

Hemp is a plant that is grown for industrial use only; in fact, hemp contains less that 1% THC and causes no “high” when elleandrblog.coms: 2. Essay The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal The decriminalization of marijuana is a long standing debate where states are in conflict with both citizens and the national government.

The legalization of medical marijuana is a very controversial topic. The purpose of this paper is to discuss both sides of the medical use of marijuana, and to determine whether or not the drug should be legalized for this use.

/5(7). The legalization of marijuana is such a controversial topic because some are for it and some are against it. People are for the legalization because of the great uses it has towards medicine, the money that could come from the taxation of legalized marijuana, and the emptying of prisons because of the releases of marijuana offenses.

Legalization of marajuana essay
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